New to Peat: How to get started?



Understanding Ray Peat's Work

You won't get an accurate understanding of Dr Peat's ideas from just reading in the forum. You need to read his works (see the articles Here) and listen to his interviews. Quite a few of the interviews have been transcribed. Further resources are his newsletters and the advice he gave people in emails. The amount of information Ray Peat provides is overwhelming, and, at first, it is confusing for many, as so much contradicts current dogmas.

When reading in the forum please be aware that the members are expressing their interpretations of Peat's work, and some even present contradicting ideas and fall short of making this clear.


We have a thread on food choices and general guidelines. A word of warning: the healthiest food is no good, if you don't digest it well. Take it easy when making changes to your diet, especially if you come from a restrictive diet. Make small changes, one at a time, and observe the effect. Usually a craving for a certain food means a need for the nutrients in that food. Try to find the right balance with the food choices you have (regarding availability and personal health situation) and the stress it costs to micromanage the (theoretically) perfect diet. Enjoy your food!

You find discussions about specific foods, vitamins, mineralcs etc. in Diet, Recipes. Ray Peat has answered countless questions: the more general questions you find here.

Looking For Advice, Searching The Forum

If you are looking for advice for your specific situation, the place to ask is the forum Ask for Help or Advice or one of its subforums. Almost all of the other forums, i.e. Health, Supplements or Scientific Studies should (ideally!) remain general discussions.

Some users like to introduce themselves, and some keep a log of their journey. The respective (sub)forums are in Meet & Greet and Testimonials, Logs, etc..

It's your journey.

There is no such thing as a Peat protocol. There are some strict recommendations, as to avoid PUFA, and there are many recommendations that are applicable to a majority. Bottom line is: avoid stressors (avoid things that are bad for you), and improve metabolism (do what is good for you). What exactly is good and what is bad for each is partly individual, and even this can change with time.

It is you who is responsible for your health. Educate yourself and take your decisions. People in the forum may help you on your journey with valuable advice, but it is you who has to evaluate if a piece of advice is applicable to your situation.