Websites I Used


Websites that made this directory possible! Ray Peat's original website, housing many of his important writings. The most prominent and useful forum concerning Peat-related health topics and concerns, full of wonderful people who have cultivated lots of useful knowledge and resources from Dr. Peats work over the years. The original inspiration for this website, Chadnet is also a web respository that houses some Ray Peat information, and I found many of Peat's newsletters on Chadnet that I couldn't find elsewhere. An impressively filled and detailed website on what and where to get the healthiest and safest foods, supplements, medications, and general health products. Besides being a website mainly dedicated to teaching users how to obtain and use any kind of self-test they need, Selftestable is also a cousin site of Toxinless, offering numerous Peat resources as well. MarshmalloW, a wonderfully constructed Peat resource directory, is housed in Selftestable, from which I obtained many resources for this directory. Functional Performance Systems (FPS) is a unique private gym located on the west end of Simi Valley, California specializing in strength training, physique management, sports performance training, and Ray Peat inspired nutrition and lifestyle consulting. Their website has a lot of great articles about fitness that are written in a Peat-inspired manner.

Other Ray Peat Related Sites Life Giving Store is a family owned and operated business located in the panhandle of Florida that started operating after a family member was saved from chronic fatigue syndrome after the family discovered and started applying Peat-inspired dietary and lifestyle adjustments. They offer products including (but not limited to): Red light therapy, Hydrogen water generators, Cascara Sagrada, Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino acid supplements, Coaco products, Handcrafted soaps, Grass fed organs and grandulars, Nano soma, and more.

The Danny Roddy Weblog: The weblog of Danny Roddy, a prominent figure in the Ray Peat community who was very close with Ray. Along with hosting his numerous articles, this site also hosts links to his podcasts; Generative Energy, Bioenergetic Basics, and Bioenergetic Helpline.

To Extract Knowledge from Matter: The personal site of Haidut, another prominent figure in the Ray Peat community. His blog This blog contains posts on topics spanning metabolic theory of health, medicine, science, society, politics, arts and in general ideas inspired by the work of Dr. Ray Peat. Ray Peat Rodeo is a very cool open-source project dedicated to rounding up all of Ray's public interviews as written transcripts with a full text search and an index.